Making the most of this unique networking opportunity

You are about to discover SEMIC’s exhibition area with various projects showcased. Each of the rooms bellow refers to a different exhibitor’s stand. To visit a stand, please choose one of the rooms and click on the door. We wish you a lot of interesting interactions and exchanges!

We wish you a lot of interesting interactions and exchanges!

Exposition rooms


How-to and troubleshooting

What if the exhibition room you want to visit is full?

Please visit another stand in the meantime. You can come back later to this page to see whether there is room for you near the stand you initially wanted. If the exhibition is too crowded, do not panic! It will remain open for the entire event and the exhibitors will be on their stands to answer your questions from 9:00 to 10:00 and from 12:15 to 14:00.

If you want to visit the stand at another time of the day, you just need to click on the “Networking event - Exhibition” slot of the agenda and follow the link.

How will other people see me?

Inside the exhibition room, before being able to interact with the exhibitors and other visitors, you will have to chose and customize your avatar. To maximise the networking opportunities, we recommend you to use your first name and organisation as the name of your avatar.

How to interact with other people?

Once you have selected your avatar and name, click on "Accept" and choose the microphone you want to use. You can also turn it off, if you do not want to talk but just use the chat option. Then click 'Enter Now' and discover a fully digital interactive space where you can talk, chat or consult material at your disposal.

  • Please use the mouse and the directional arrows to move around and meet other people.
    You can also use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move around and Q and E to turn around.
  • Hold the left click and then move the mouse to orientate your avatar in the space. • Right-click (maintain) on an object to see it in full screen.
  • Hold space to show the menu of a PDF/image and open it in a new tab.
    Beware of the presence of an advertising blocker (module such as AdBlock, or the default popup blocker proposed by Mozilla Firefox) since if they are active on your laptop, you will not be able to open the proposed items in a new tab and you will probably have to allow windows before you can click on the link.
  • If you wish to speak with other participants, your respective avatars must be relatively close. You can also isolate yourself at certain places in the room in order to discuss quietly with people of your choice. The closer your avatars are, the louder the sound will be.

If you experience problems to connect or exchange with other participants, we recommend you to enter the exhibition directly from your smartphone.

Any other questions before discovering this brand-new world? Please watch this short video:

You will find all the available controls in Hubs via this link: Please note that not all of them are active for this event.